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Smart Heating Controls

Smart thermostats give you full control over your home’s heating. LW Haddow Plumbing, Heating & Electrical have a number of smart thermostats available, we've listed these below.

Worcester Bosch logo

Worcester Wave

A new generation of Worcester controls, providing smart heating and hot water control on the go.


wave_control_and_deviceThe Wave smart control is the first of a new generation of Worcester controls.

The Wave is a smart, internet-connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart phone or tablet.

The advanced programming enables the Wave to interact with your boiler and take advantage of clever control features that will improve the efficiency of your heating system.

Privacy and security of data is a key design feature, with the Wave you can be assured that none of your personal data will be shared.

For more details about the Worcester Wave, contact our experienced team today on 01738 620046.

Nest smart heating control logo


Designed to adapt your home’s temperature to your behaviour.


Nest Learning ThermostatNest made headlines at the beginning of 2014 when it was purchased by Google. Designed by the man behind the iPod, the Nest’s Learning Thermostat’s most distinctive feature is that it is designed to adapt your home’s temperature to your behaviour.

By monitoring the user’s habits, i.e. what time you leave your house on weekdays, Nest’s device is able to create a personalised “heating schedule”. The hope is that, eventually, the Learning Thermostat will know so much about your habits that you’ll never have to change the temperature by hand.

The Nest Learning Thermostat also has a motion sensor, which can detect when your home is empty and doesn’t need to be heated. It also allows you to control your heating via your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

For more details about the Nest Learning Thermostat, contact our experienced team today on 01738 620046.

Tado logo


Seeks to adapt to users’ lifestyles and create smart homes with as little input from them as possible.


Tado wireless smart heating control thermostatTado° has been operating in Germany and other European countries for more than two years and launched in the UK in October 2013. It follows the same philosophy as Google’s Nest and seeks to adapt to users’ lifestyles and create smart homes with as little input from them as possible.

The device learns from users’ behaviour and tries to match your home’s temperature to your preferences, in the most energy efficient way possible. It does this by tracking homeowners using their smart phones.

This means that when everyone leaves the home it turns the heating off and, when it detects someone coming back from work, for example, it begins to turn the heating up. The system also takes into account weather conditions and, according to Tado°’s manufacturers, can help users save up to 31% on their energy bills.

The Tado° wireless thermostat display is available via an app which you can download for your iOS, Android or Windows device.

For more details about the Tado° Wireless Thermostat, contact our experienced team today on 01738 620046.

Hive heating logo


Lets you control your heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


HIVE Active Heating thermostatUnlike Google’s Nest, the Hive doesn’t want to run your heating with as little input as possible from you. The Hive Active Heating is built around a dashboard which enables users to manage their home’s temperature using a smart device.

The Hive Active Heating system is a great upgrade for anyone that wants or needs the ability to be able to control their heating remotely.

Hive allows users to design heating schedules and alter their home’s temperature whenever they want to. Very useful, particularly as British Gas says 7.8 million empty homes are heated every year. The device can also automatically turn the heating on if your pipes are going to freeze due to cold temperatures.

Hive technology works with your existing heating system and there's no need to change your energy supplier. If you have a separate hot water tank, you can control your hot water too.  

For more details about Hive contact our experienced team today on 01738 620046.

LW Haddow Heatmiser logo


A thermostat with style, the SmartStat will look great in any home.


The Smartstat from HeatmiserThe SmartStat thermostat from Heatmiser, is an all-new WiFi connected thermostat with full colour LCD. SmartStat doesn’t require a hub and as SmartStat connects via a Cloud Server, setup is quick and will take minutes. SmartStat is the perfect choice for those with a combi-boiler and an existing wired thermostat.

Up to 32 zones can be controlled from the SmartStat App and the Geo Location feature ensures you never heat an empty home.

A thermostat with style, the high gloss finish of SmartStat shows great attention to detail and the Glacier White, Sapphire Black and Platinum Silver options ensure SmartStat will look great in any home.

For more details about the SmartStat, contact our experienced team today on 01738 620046.

Worcester Bosch logo


Allows you to create and individually control up to 12 heating zones and hot water.


Honeywell-evohome thermostatThe evohome, a smart thermostat produced by Honeywell, has the ability to split your home into various “smart zones”, in which you can control the heating individually.

So if for example it’s a cold day and you have guests coming round, you can heat up the spare room to make sure they’re comfortable when they arrive. According to Honeywell, the device can help homes save up to 40% of their annual heating costs.

The technology incorporates the usual array of smart thermostat features, including allowing you to remotely control your heating, as well as providing you a better understanding of your energy usage.

The evohome understands how your heating system warms up your home and will be able to reach your preferred temperature more efficiently. It also detects temperature changes, such as an open window, and adapts accordingly.

For more details about the evohome smart thermostat, contact our experienced team today on 01738 620046.

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