With MCS accreditation across a range of renewable options, you can be confident that you’ve found both an experienced team and a reliable local business that you can depend on.

Biomass Infographic

Biomass boilers are becoming the choice of increasing numbers of home owners, not just in Scotland. This home heating revolution started in countries like Austria and Sweden, when the advent of wood pellet fuel made automated biomass boilers a reality.

The team at LW Haddow work with a diverse range of clients – estate owners, developers, business people and homeowners – providing effective biomass heating systems. These clients normally have both a high heat demand and an interest in using a sustainable, carbon neutral, resource.

Today many people are looking for a way to heat their homes which ‘treads lightly on the earth’. A biomass boiler is fuelled from renewable resources and its emissions are carbon neutral. As 60% of energy used in the home is for heating, switching to biomass goes a huge way to making your home green.

Many homes in Scotland rely on oil or LPG for heating fuel. A switch to wood pellets can cut your heating bills by a third – sometimes more.

A good biomass boiler system is one which delivers the fuel from the fuel store to the burner and then burns it as efficiently as possible, keeping your house cosy without having to lift a finger. Our boilers have been specially chosen for their excellent performance of these tasks while fitting effortlessly into your home…

Our team has over nine years experience of installing biomass systems, having installed over 50 biomass boilers. With MCS accreditation across a range of renewable options, you can be confident that you’ve found both an experienced team and a reliable local business.

We can help:

  • Plan your project
  • Determine where the fuel will come from, how it will be delivered and stored
  • Plan how the system can be configured
  • Show you how you can operate the system, to get the optimum return
  • Install and commission your biomass boiler
  • Maintain your biomass system

LW Haddow are specialists in biomass heating for residential and commercial properties. We select only the best boilers and use our experience, technical skills and integrity to ensure that the biomass heating system you choose for your home or business, is the right one for you.

We install solar thermal systems too. These are designed to work seamlessly with your biomass boiler to provide hot water throughout the year. Our aim is to create successful renewable heating systems which go on delivering year on year. Start your journey to a new warm future and call one of our team to discuss your thoughts.


Our Ökofen wood pellet boiler system is one of the most reliable wood pellet heating technologies in the world.  Designed and built by an award-winning Austrian family firm, the Ökofen is the result of 18 years of research and development.  Ökofen owners enjoy the reassurance that their boiler has been built for super-efficient running, year after year after year.

Key Features

  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic daily heat exchanger cleaning – maintaining full efficiency
  • Triple pass recirculation burner system ensures complete combustion of volatile gases – no need for costly lambda sensor
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber – giving short response times 
  • Double sealed flame return protection
  • Choice of auger or vacuum fuel feed system 
  • Outputs available from 8kW right up to 224kW

What makes an Ökofen special?

Behind the sleek exterior of the Ökofen Pellematic lies a package of quality engineering, the result of decades of research and development.

Before any new Ökofen component goes on the market it goes through an extensive testing period to ensure that it lives up to the Ökofen quality.  When designing the system, Ökofen aims to find the best engineering solution to carry out the task at hand.

The stainless steel burn chamber with recirculating burner system is an example of this.  Many biomass boilers have burner chambers lined with firebrick.  Their large mass means that the boiler takes a while to react and over time the bricks will require replacing.  They also use a lambda oxygen sensor to control the burn rate – unfortunately these are prone to periodic failure and are costly to replace.

The unique design of the Pellematic burner means that there is no need for a lambda sensor and the stainless steel burn chamber allows the boiler to react quickly.

This quick reaction time is one of the reasons why the Ökofen Pellematic can be installed without the need for a buffer tank – saving both cost and space.


We provide plumbing services to a wide range of domestic and commercial clients.

How can we help?

We are experienced in carrying out all types of plumbing, gas and electrical work. We can help you from the smallest task, like replacing a tap washer or light switch, to a complete heating system installation and house rewiring.

You can rely on our team, as we’ve been supporting domestic customers and business across Scotland for 30 years. We are happy to provide quotations, just get in touch and one of our team will help you out.


Our team provide commercial heating and plumbing services to a wide range of commercial clients.


We’ll provide all the domestic heating and plumbing services you’ll need, whether these are gas, oil, or electric.


Our experienced team offer a 24 hour emergency call out service for our existing customers.


LW Haddow service all major boiler brands, including Worcester Bosch, Grant UK and Baxi.


Our experienced team can provide installation, maintenance and integration for renewables.


Our team carry out gas servicing, repair and installation work to a wide range of clients.

“LW Haddow Plumbing and Heating have been our appointed contractor for over 20 years. During this time they have installed, commissioned and maintained numerous items of heating and plumbing plant to a very high standard.”

MF Wells Hotels / (lochs and glens)

“In both the business and the home environment, LW Haddow and his team continue to amaze me with the quality and courtesy of service they extend.”

John Garvie / Perth

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for the excellent job the have made of installing my Rayburn. It looks fantastic!”

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